The Palestine Papers
Draft Agreement on Culture of Peace (#7)

Seventh Draft of Culture of Peace Agreement between Palestine and Israel.

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July 8, 2008

Culture of Peace


[P (possibly in general provisions or another part of agreement):  

  •  Following the conclusion of an agreement resolving all outstanding Permanent Status issues between Israel and the PLO, the articles below on Culture of Peace, shall come into effect between Israel and Palestine.
  •  These articles are based on and understood in light of all relevant international treaties and standards including those pertaining to human rights, freedom of expression and education1.]


1. The Parties2 shall promote a culture of peace, including through advancing reconciliation, mutual understanding, respect and tolerance between their peoples in order to reinforce and sustain peace and stability, and to create an environment in which violence and terrorism are rejected, and that embraces the values of co-existence and mutual respect.  


2. The Parties shall abstain from engaging or supporting incitement and hostile propaganda against each other. They also undertake, without derogating from the principle of freedom of expression in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to ensure the effective enforcement of legal measures to prevent the dissemination of expressions of incitement or support for racism, discrimination, intolerance, or violence by any organization, group or individual within their respective jurisdictions.


3. The Parties will ensure that the educational systems within their respective jurisdictions promote mutual understanding, tolerance and respect. They will also take immediate and effective measures to ensure that any text books, educational materials and curricula used in these educational systems contribute to peace between them and are geared towards combating racism and promoting the tolerance of all religions, including particularly Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and are devoid of racial incitement, discriminatory, hostile or pejorative references or any other motif that could adversely affect the process of reconciliation.   


4. Recognizing the need to address negative biases and stereotypes, the Parties agree to encourage that the broadcast and written media within their jurisdiction contribute to peace between them and in the entire region, and will actively promote the inclusion of positive expressions of coexistence, respect for other faiths and understanding of the other side within the public sphere.


5. The Parties shall encourage religious leaders to promote peace, coexistence and tolerance amongst all faiths.


6. The Parties shall establish new and increase existing opportunities for dialogue, cooperation and the free exchange of ideas between their respective institutions and peoples for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding and advancing peace and reconciliation, including in particular through joint projects and programs in the fields of youth education, academic institutions, culture, the media, science and technology, sports and interfaith dialogue.


7. The Parties shall establish a joint mechanism, immediately upon entry into force of this Agreement, with responsibility for monitoring and ensuring the implementation of this Article, and for examining and addressing concerns regarding compliance with its provisions. The Parties shall invite international bodies with relevant expertise, including the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to contribute to their work and assist in advancing the goals set out in this Article.


8. [I:  The Parties call on the international community to support their efforts to create a culture of peace and to channel its assistance in a manner that supports the goals set out in this Article.  In this context they agree to invite [______________] to establish, in coordination with them, an Israeli-Palestinian Coexistence Fund, in order to finance and support public sector and civil society initiatives and projects that advance the goals set out in this Article.] [P: negotiations and agreement on this paragraph to be concluded following visit of committee to Northern Ireland]