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Meeting Summary: Keith Dayton and Salam Fayyad

Summary of discussion among USSC and Palestinian delegates on security reform and Jenin.  The parties discussed the roles of Blair and Jones in Jenin; money ths U.S. has spent on training; updates in Jericho; and other issues. 

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Attendees: USSC: Gen. Keith Dayton (KD)

Col. Pearson


Peter Evans


 Pals: Salam Fayyad (SF)

Nizar Farsakh, NSU

Subject: Update and follow up

Date:   Tuesday July 29th, 2008;  11:15 ? 12:30 pm

Location: MoF




The discussion focused on current events, the security reform plan and Jenin.

  •  KD asked what SF makes of the Gaza killings and SF explained that it?s either Hamas infighting or some families (probably Hilles family) resisting Hamas attempts at reining them in to consolidate its grip on Gaza. KD asked if there is a risk that it spills to WB and SF said yes, he is worried about that. SF noted that there is evidence indicating that Hamas is working through Hizb al Tahrir in order to create confusion in the WB. That is why SF is working on all those defying law and order regardless of their affiliation. These are his instructions to ARY so that no one can claim these actions are in retaliation against Hamas. He added that, because of their problems in Gaza, Hamas has an interest in making it look like WB is in chaos too.
  •  KD mentioned the US $86 million already spent on training and vehicles. SF asked about the guns and KD said the Israelis and Gen. Hazem said they are being processed.
  •  KD said they are still building in Jericho but they need to know where to put the money for Nuema camp (full mutli-purpose facility as ARY wants?). SF said whatever ARY says. KD said Abu Fatah (NSF?) will complain that money was his. SF said Abu Fatah is a good soldier and works well with KD?s team but ultimately this is not a scout, this is serious business and he will come around.
  •  Apparently NSF and MoI disagree on this as there is a conflict between ARY and his security chiefs. Donors want money to go through MoI and sec chiefs don?t want that. KD needs to know what SF wants. KD said there are too many Palestinian voices and he wants to make sure he is doing what ARY and SF want. SF replied that it should go through MoI and sec chiefs will be dealt with in another channel.
  •  KD asked whether the two decrees (probably having to do with new appointments in the MoI) have been retracted. SF explained that they haven?t but that ARY?s approach was too confrontational with the sec chiefs and that he should have been diplomatic as one does not appoint junior officer on top of those people without setting the ground first and involving them in the decision.
  •  On security reform, KD mentioned that MoI and Strategic Planning Department had modified the draft security reform plan and AM approved it but that the plan was still not public therefore KD still cannot control where donors spend their security pledges as he has no official document specifying what the Palestinians want. KD argued that some donors are spending in the wrong places and that is complicating the reform. He sited inflated spending on PG which he thinks is already too big, and Spanish spending on intelligence. He added that had he known the modified plan had envisaged a larger civil defense budget then he could have gotten more money from congress rather than spending on NSF.  SF said he?ll see what parts can be made public. KD said AM is hesitant. SF explained that making it public will not change anything as the problem is in the current chiefs. For the plan to work the old chiefs need to be replaced by the new people who will enact the change and implement the reform because the current chiefs are not going to implement any of it. KD argued that one way to weaken the chiefs is by cutting off their independent sources (i.e. the uncontrolled donors).
  •  KD asked SF what exactly are Blair and Jones doing in jenin as they are saying SF was happy with their progress and KD needs to know what to do. At that point SF exploded saying he has no idea what they are talking about as they keep talking about projects but he has seen nothing. He said he does not want anyone to raise jenin with him again as he is sick and tired of people using Jenin as an escape from working on Hebron which is the more important area. He said they can do what they want. KD explained that he needs SF?s approval to send Deverell there to give a better assessment of the situation and maybe influence Blair and Jones in their approach. SF said he?s fine with that but reminded KD that what is needed is a change in Israeli security behavior, nothing more nothing less. SF?s concession was in accepting to see that change in Jenin first and not the entire WB. KD agreed and asked who?s the point person in Jenin and SF said the governor.
  •  KD mentioned that he was asked where the new battalion will be placed and he said SF wants to keep in Jericho for contingency, maybe deploy in Hebron. He added that the Israelis do not believe that KD trains the battalion but does not decide where it is deployed but KD pressed on the fact that the deployment is decided by SF. SF appreciated KD?s assertion to the Israelis and added that indeed he plans to deploy them in Hebron as he is expecting disturbances there soon.
  •  KD mentioned they are covering training cost for the battalion in Jericho but they cannot cover salaries so SF should cover those.
  •  There is an idea of turning the dismantled settlements of Gannim and Kaddim in Jenin into a training camp complex. Israel is against it for its political implication. Welch said keep the idea while thinking of other areas. Israel wants to propose other sites.