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NSU E-mail Re: Draft Provisions

This email discusses the need to amend provisions for each of the articles in a draft agreement proposed in February 2008.

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From: Zeinah Salahi
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2008 3:17 AM
Cc: Maen Areikat (Hotmail); Andrew Kuhn (Compuserve)
Subject: general things of potential interest



YAR, Akram, Saeb, AA were all in Sharm with AM.


Sunday is the Udi meeting at 3pm, then a drafting session for CoP at 4h30. SE asked me to join him and Tal for the drafting session. It seems that that system will work with us joining the regular committee and doing a draft all together of potential language. The idea is to draft provisions to fill out each article of the attached structure from february.  (I think that “reparations” is a “p” in the structure.)  Apparently they are thinking that the “general provisions” are done (the last draft of this we have is on the share) and that we have I?s and P?s for refugees (Ziyad has these).  And one line agreed on economics.   AA seems to think you can?t really get progress until you try to write stuff down.


Possible technical update meeting with us consulate folks next week.  Please think if there is anything not reflected by the UDI chart, or different from the chart, that you would like raised.  If so, please send me an email. Otherwise I will be guided by the chart in the briefing, unless people think another approach is better.