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Document 11-14: Letter from Dahabi to PM Al-Ragheb Re: Casino License Agreements Update


Letter dated April 20, 2003, from Acting Minister of Finance Nader Dahabi to Prime Minister Ali Abu al-Ragheb.  The letter reveals the Government of Jordan had issued two (2) separate Casino gaming licenses on December 19, 2003, while Faisal al Fayyez was Prime Minister. 
Dahabi informs al-Ragheb that in reference to al-Ragheb's letter sent on 20 April 2003, the Council of Ministers decided on 15 April to give authority to Dahabi to negotiate on behalf of the GOJ for a Casino deal with the Iris Corporation for Investment (owned and operated by the powerful al-Masri family). This letter discusses the terms of the GOJ-IRIS agreement. The company designated to subcontract for Iris is listed as Trillium Gaming Inc., a company chaired by a Canadian Senator. 
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